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Cas & Louisa

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A sympathetic dog lends support to his shopping-addicted owner as she romanticizes a not-so-romantic recession.


At the start of a recession, a recently laid-off woman navigates her unrealistic expectations and shopping addiction over seven days while her expressive dog, Cas, warily watches over and supports her. 

Sneak a Peek at Cas's Cuteness in the Trailer

Meet the Team

Cas & Louisa was shot and edited with no budget in two weeks as a result of a creative whim. This was no small feat and it couldn't have been done without the most amazing crew and a ridiculous amount of craftiness. A big special thank you to those who provided advice, input, and support:

Peggie Brott, Alec Balstad, Talent Benson, Skye Collins, Will Barrios, Sarah Cole

Director's Statement

This film felt like making a warm cup of tea on a rainy day, and it has been a cathartic way to laugh kindly at myself as I navigate my 20s. I am overjoyed to showcase my expressive dog, Castiel, who has given me many supportive kisses despite my own silly decisions.

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