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A collection of experiences that highlight the variety of my television work.

Weekend Refresh

I was the head of the art department as Art Director on this home renovation show from Tastemade. With the help of my wonderful art department, we renovated 6 different locations within three days of shooting.

Art Coordinator: Darrell Washington

Art Assistants: Cat Araujo, Garrett Avey, Zach Jenkins, Antony Hernandez, Erick Lorinc

Mad Good Food

I was the Art Director/Production Designer on Mad Good Food season 3 for Tastemade. I decorated the space to reflect the host's personality as well as the traditional "homey" feel of cooking in his grandma's kitchen as a child. 

Art Assistant: Cat Araujo

All Up In My Grill

I acted as Art Director/Production Designer of All Up In My Grill season 2 for Tastemade. I redesigned the landscaping of the backyard, and added outdoor furniture and decor that suited the host's personality. I also worked with the culinary team to curate a work space that was both functional and in line with the art direction, as well as work with culinary to plate and capture the beauty of the prepared meals.  

Help! I Wrecked My House

I was the Art Director and head of the art department on Season 2 Repacks of Help! I Wrecked My House. I curated a vacation home for the host Jasmine Roth through her design style to create a uniform and classic look that was reflected through her renovation projections on HGTV.

Art Assistant: Charlie Roberts

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